A sneak peak of my new swimwear company - Sahara Ray Swim -  This is me in Bali, in the “Cindy” top & bottom

if i looked like Sahara life would be perfect

model: Jaime King, photographer: Davide Sorrenti
(from In Memory of Davide)
This is the kind of Nan Goldin-inspired snapshot-of-your-friends-high picture that Sorrenti is associated with in the popular imagination.  I guess if you’re dating a model, all your snapshots of your girlfriend are, by definition, fashion photography.
(scanned by insidethevisible)


I think im done with the bottom lip? Yeah. Cool. im likin it

dirty fashion instagram

im either michelle or denise, there is no inbetween

My only regret is that
I didn’t tell enough people
to fuck off.

— My 92 year old grandma (via expeditum)

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